Alchemy Stars

Alchemy Stars

the challenge


Alchemy Stars is a tactical RPG published by Tencent in June of 2021, released in Portuguese in October of 2021. Our mission? To reach the target audience among Brazilian gamers with online media actions as a game distributor. We’ve been present since its global launch, producing and disseminating exclusive content to raise a 100% regional community.


Efforts in execution

We worked with 22 influencers to publicize the launch of the game localized by us (PT-BR and ES) in different media, from YouTube videos to livestreams and social content. In order to accomplish it, Level Up carried out market studies, networking with influencers, publicity in digital media and community management to bring the game closer to the public.


Achievements of excellence

1.4M+ words translated in 4 months
250k+ views on social media
550k+ views on YouTube and Livestreams
800k+ total views on general broadcasts
180 million views on UOL Game Star
45+ million views on Pizza Fria website